Avenging the People


I received a free Kindle copy of Avenging the People: Andrew Jackson, The Rule of Law and the American Nation by J. M. Opal courtesy of Net Galley and Oxford University Press, the publisher. It was with the understanding that I would post a review to Net Galley, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and my history book review blog. I also posted it to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus pages.

I requested this book as I have read a great deal about american history and a number of books about Andrew Jackson. It is the first book by J. M. Opal that I have read.

This book is very well researched and presents its subject in great detail. The author’s writing style is more than just a dry recitation of the facts, but not as engaging as others. It is not a book for the casual history reader. I found chapter five about General Jackson and his role in the War of 1812 the most interesting.

I recommend this book to anyone who is a serious student of american history and Andrew Jackson in particular. You will find it enlightening with more of a focus as to why he acted as he did during his life.


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