Countdown to Pearl Harborhe Twelve Days To The Attack


I received a free Kindle copy of this book courtesy of Net Galley and Simon and Schuster, the publisher. It was with the understanding that I would post a review on Net Galley, Goodreads, Amazon and my history book review blog. I also posted it to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus pages.

I requested this book as I am an avid reader of United States history and have a particular interest in World War II. This is the first book by Steve Twomey that I have read.

I have read a great deal about World War II and Pearl Harbor. There is not a great deal of new material here, but the author presents it in an engaging style and it is very well researched. What again captured my attention was the inability of the American government and military to effectively communicate the results they had from breaking the Japanese code to those located on Pearl Harbor. While more could have been done in surveillance even without the code broken information, the bulk of the blame lies with those in Washington, D.C. It has always caused me to wonder whether the lack of effective communication was on purpose to engage us in World War II earlier than many anticipated.

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the events leading up to our participation in World War II or looking for a slightly different look at the events.



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