The Founding Foodies


I came across this book in the gift shop of the National Archives during our recent trip to Washington, DC. It intrigued me as I am now in the food banking world and I am a history buff.

The subtitle of the book, “How Washington, Jefferson and Franklin Revolutionized American Cuisine”, pretty well summarizes what the book is about. The author focused much more on Washington and Jefferson than Franklin as they both were also experimental farmers whereas Franklin was not.

The book is filled with colonial recipes for all types of food and drink. DeWitt starts with the early English settlements and moves through Jefferson’s lifespan. I found it interesting the role that pigs (hogs), cod, salt and pepper all played in the development of food in our country along with assisting a flourishing economy at that time.

The book is a quick read and interesting from a “foodie” point of view. I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in early american history and what types of food they ate and how it was prepared.



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