Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream

Lyndon Johnson

I received a prepublication copy of this book (August 4, 2015) through NetGalley with the understanding that I would publish are review on my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages along with NetGalley, Amazon and Goodreads.

I requested this book because I am have read several presidential biographies, but none on Lyndon Johnson. I have also read several books by Doris Kearns Goodwin and found all of them to be well written and researched.

This was very different from other presidential biographies that I have read in that it concentrated more on the psychology of the individual than the achievements of his career. The focus was on how Johnson’s early years formed the basis for all of his decisions that he made over his career including his time in Congress and as President. The book is well written and researched. It also an engaging read.

The book paints a different picture of the man than the impression that has been left with the general public. The level of insecurity was what surprised me the most. Not having read any of the other biographies on LBJ I can not compare it to others impressions.

I recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in the Presidents of the United States or in Lyndon Johnson in particular.


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