Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross and A Great American Land Grab


I was intrigued by this book as I have read a number of Andrew Jackson biographies and a few books about the Cherokee “Trail of Tears”. It is the first book I have read by Steve Inskeep.

I found this to be a well researched and written book about the struggle between the U.S. Government and the Cherokee nation in attempting them to give up their land for the Indian territory. It relates the events through a dual story line of President Andrew Jackson and Cherokee Chief John Ross.

While Andrew Jackson is considered by many to be one of our greatest presidents, this book clearly points out that he was manipulative, self-serving (and centered), a bold face liar and willing to do anything to accomplish his way of thinking. Meanwhile, John Ross who represented the Cherokee nation, was too stubborn  or too much an optimist, to the point of waiting too long to give in to the inevitable migration causing additional hardship on the last group of his nation to move to the Indian Territory. While much is made of the “Trail of Tears” the author points out than many more died in the camps waiting for the migration than on the trail.

I recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in United States history or how the U.S. government swindled an Indian nation out of their rightful land.


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